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We are dedicated to ensuring every human sustainably receives the light they need to feel happy, healthy, and well.

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Get the light that your mind and body need

When we don’t receive the right light at the right time of the day, our sleep, health, and productivity suffer. At Rhythm, we create physical and digital products to help people feel the psychological and physiological benefits of sunlight.

We take our light nutrition for granted

When we spend 90% of our time indoors, our body is built to survive the day. As a result, we become desensitized to living in sub-optimal, under-lit indoor environments. However, when we get the light we need, we become the best versions of ourselves. There are decades of research that have shown shown that light has a profound, positive impact on:

Cognitive performance

Rhythm Ohm

Rhythm Ohm is the first, room-scale sunlight-level indoor illumination for full-day circadian wellness. Rhythm is engineering a light that completely changes the feeling of any indoor environment.

  • Produces sunlight-level illumination to improve productivity and mood

  • Emulates dawn and dusk to boost sleep quality

  • Controllable and schedulable by the Rhythm Track mobile app to tailor to your needs

Reimagining light therapy

At Rhythm, we believe that everyone deserves light therapy, not just those with a seasonal affective disorder (SAD) diagnosis. We strive to reimagine light therapy so that every human has the energy they need to shine in this world.

SAD lamps

Rhythm Ohm

Cold, Uncomfortable Light (5000K, Unknown CRI)
Warm, Full-spectrum Light (2700K, 90+ CRI)
Low Light Output (5,000-10,000 lumens)
High Light Output (up to 60,000 lumens)
Effective only 1ft away for 30+ minutes
Effective anywhere in the room, all day
Personalises light based on your light needs and routine

Rhythm Track

Rhythm Track is the first, light-tracking mobile application that helps you optimize your light diet and set your daily rhythms.

  • Tracks your light intake to help you understand your circadian rhythm

  • Recommends data-driven interventions to manage your light intake based on your schedule to optimize sleep and productivity 

  • Personalizes the light you need indoors by integrating with Rhythm Ohm

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about Rhythm.
When is Rhythm launching?
We're currently building our MVP and plan to launch in late 2024. If you're interested in getting exclusive early access, join our waitlist by providing your email address.
Are pre-orders refundable?
Yes! If you would like to get a refund, please send us a note at
How much energy does Rhythm Ohm consume?
Rhythm Ohm draws 300 watts of power at any given time. This is equivalent to charging 3 laptops or powering 1/5 of a hairdryer. In California, it would cost 75 cents to power Rhythm Ohm for 8 hours.